taxidermy art


Lexikon Phantastischen Künstlerinnen:

(Encyclopedia of Fantastical Female Artists)

by Professor Gerhard Habarta

Norderstedt, Germany: Books on Demand, 2017

pp. 43-44 [image & biography]

ISBN 978 374605307

HEY! Modern Art & Pop-Culture (no. 29)

Contemporary art book series

by Anne & Julien

Paris, France: Ankama Editions, 2017

pp. 61-63.  [image and biography]

ISBN 979-1033503897

Displaying Death And Animating Life: Human-Animal Relations in Art, Science

by Jane C. Desmond, PhD

New York, NY: Grand Central Press, 2016

pp. 31-33, 252 n17 [inclusion]

ISBN 978-0226144061  

Hearsay; Artists Reveal Urban Legends

by Jan Harold Phaidon, PhD

New York, NY: Grand Central Press,  2015  

pp. 50-51 [image & biography]

ISBN 978-09-353-1493-9

Taxidermy Art

by Robert Marbury

New York, NY: Artisan Press, 2014

pp. 7, 29-35 [image & biography]

ISBN 978-1579655587

Wild Art

by David Carrier, PhD

and Joachim Pissarro, PhD

London, England: Phaidon Press, 2013

p. 138 [image & biography]

ISBN 978-0714865676

Animal Skins: Visual Surfaces

by Stephanie Turner, PhD

Self-published by UWEC, 2013

pp. 29-30 [image & biography]

Monstres, Merveilles et Créatures Fantastiques

(Monsters; Fantastic & Wondrous Creatures)

by Martial Guédron

France: Hazan publishing, 2011

p. 203 [image & biography]

ISBN 978-2754102759

The Zymoglyphic Museum

By Jim Stewart

published via, 2011

[Image inclusion]

ISBN 978-0557042913

Fancy Beasts

by Alex Lemon

Canada: Milkweed Editions,  2010

[cover art]

ISBN 978-1571314437

Lexikon der Phantastischen Künstler:

(Encyclopedia of Fantastical Artists)

by Professor Gerhard Habarta

Norderstedt, Germany: Books on Demand, 2009

p. 79 [image & biography]

ISBN 978-3837084276

Metamorphosis II; 50 Surreal & Fantastic Artists

by Jon Beinart

Australia: BeinArt Publishing, 2008

pp. 38-39 [image & biography]

ISBN 978-0980323115

Charley 05

Contemporary art book series

by Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni

Greece: Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art 2007

pp. 46-47 [image & biography]

ISBN 978-1933045672

Cryptozoolology; Out of Time Place Scale

by  Loren Coleman, PhD,

Raechell Smith, and Mark Bessire

Switzerland: RP-Ringier publishing, 2009

p. 42 [image & biography]

ISBN 978-3905770070

Tales of the Cryptids

By Halls, Spears & Young.

Plain City, Ohio: Darby Creek publishing, 2006

p. 51 [image & biography]

ISBN 978-1-58196-049-5



CBC radio

Interviewed by Anna Maria Tremonti

Arts & culture feature; The Current

"Art from Dead Animals"


KFAI radio

Interviewed by Lila Cherneff

Art & culture series; MinneCulture

"When Taxidermy Went Rogue"


Minnesota Public Radio

Interviewed by Marianne Combs, news segment

"Art That's Stuffed and Mounted"


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"Betting the Ethics of Existence"                                       

Nómadas: Issue 46, 2017

[image inclusion]

Institute of Contemporary Social Studies

Bogotá, Columbia

ISSN 0121-7550

"Animal Magic: Sculpting Queer Encounters Through Rogue Taxidermy Art"

By Miranda Niittynen, PhD

Gender Forum:

Issue 55, 2015 Gender, Animals, and Animality

pp. 14-34 [image & biography inclusion]

University of Western Ontario

ISSN 1613-1878

"Present Signs, Dead Things:

Indexical Authenticity and Taxidermy's Non-absent Animal"

by Helen Gregory PhD & Anthony Purdy PhD

Configurations: Vol 23, no. 1, 2015

p. 75 [inclusion]

University of Western Ontario,

John Hopkins University Press

ISSN 1080-6520

"Vile Bodies"

By Ronald Binnie PhD

Plastik, Art & Science Journal:

Issue 4, Art and Biodiversity – A Sustainable art? 15, Feb 2014

pp. n/a [inclusion]

Edinburgh University

ISSN 2101-0323



Biography featured on the PBS series

Minnesota Original: "The Art of Sarina Brewer"


Interviewed by Ron Schara

on the nationally syndicated television series

Call of the Wild: "Rogue Taxidermy?"